A downloadable game for Windows

Hey, chap!

Today’s the big day! Your first day at the soup kitchen. You’re going to be a natural, but we’re going to start you off easy. You’ll be working at the spice counter.

Now, our patrons are very particular. They know exactly how spicy, how salty, and how tangy they want their soup, and they expect us to be on our game. You think you can handle it?

Made with LÖVE 0.10.2 and PICO-8 for the sfx for #LD40


The tutorial walks you through very well, but in case you need a reference:

  • Right-click over a spice to select it;
  • When a spice is selected, left-click to start using it over the bowl;
  • Once all three levels are within range, hit SPACE to server the order;
  • Mute the music with ‘M’.


soupson-win.zip 6 MB
soupson.love 3 MB

Install instructions

The .love file requires LÖVE 0.10.2 to be installed on your device. It may work for different versions of LÖVE , but they are untested.

Development log